Fr Zakaria Statement concerning

his relationship to the making of Mohamed movie

Recently, media outlets have attempted to link our ministry to the current unrest in the Islamic community globally.


I, Fr. Zakaria have not been involved in any shape or form in the creation, production or finances of the provocative short-film the “Innocence of Muslims.” I have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the filmmakers and their organization. Any alleged links to the You-Tube sensation have been falsely fabricated to incite aggression towards a scape goat.


I analyzed the “Innocence of Muslims” on my broadcast on Friday the 14th of September, 2012. My evaluation of the film is solely based on its historical accuracy. I don’t condone the film or the violence it has instigated. However, from a scholarly perspective, I have pinpointed some errors as well as its historical facts according to the Islamic literature; the Koran, AlHadith/ sayings and biography of Mohamed. The offenses depicted in the movie are extracted from the Islamic books. No one appreciates such provocative scenes, they are offensive and unnecessary, yet the real problem is that they are consistent with the story of Mohamed as revealed in the authoritative Islamic literature. The movie is alarming because the life it depicts is so removed from our expectations of religious figures. Examining the lives of historical public figures in itself is not a crime.


Since 2003 I have been broadcasting on satellite TV. My lectures are renowned by Christians and moderate Muslims to be accurate scholarly accounts of Islamic topics. I have studied Islam for decades. I invited Islamic scholars to respond to some concerns that I’ve had with some doctrine and ideologies. You can investigate these programs on my websites; it’s a scholarly debate that never sought to incite violence. You can not label me as an extremist because I regularly seek clarification and discussion from Muslims for their doctrine. I am concerned that the most authentic teachings of Islam incite its true followers to kill the infidels. You have seen glimpses of its manifestation in the Islamic demonstrations worldwide.  


As a human being, I have a deep concern for the impact of this aggressive doctrine that encourages the murder of the Jews and the Christian. The West cannot comprehend that Islam urges people to fight, kill non Muslims and consequently be rewarded in paradise. Therefore, I have intellectually and respectfully studied, questioned and preached on the impact of the aggressive ideologies of Islam.  My teachings have been based solely on Islamic literature and not my own interpretations. Every point communicated on my broadcasts is supported by numerous authentic references and extended quotes from prominent Islamic historians and scholars.


My ministry has been motivated by a sincere love for all Muslims and a desire to stimulate spiritual, academic and calm discussions. I aim to help Muslims to discover for themselves the truth of their faith, to make informed decisions and to question their unexamined assumptions. In fact I want to encourage all people (Muslims or non-Muslims) to experience the love, freedom and peace that comes from knowing Jesus.


I reject any forms of insults, threats or violence instigated by any religious groups whatsoever. I seek to uphold and encourage the community to honor human rights and freedom of religion and speech.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe in the authority of the Bible. I take to heart the written promises: “Do not fear”. God is with us. And if God is with us, who can be against us? There’s no fear in my dictionary. I have been consistently threatened by Muslims. I have been jailed for the sake of my faith. Yet, I am determined as ever, to see people freed from the grasp of the evil one and converted to the freedom of Jesus Christ.