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1- God loves you

1- Trinity in Christianity (1)

1- The Two faces of Islam

2- Embracing the Cross

2- Trinity in Christianity (2)

2- God is one in the Holy Trinity

3- The knowledge of salvation

3- Trinity in Christianity (3)

3- Crucifixion of the Christ

4- Inflaming lens of the cross

4- Trinity in Christianity (4)

4- Inevitability of the Redemption

5- How Do I Start With CHRIST

5- Who is Christ? (1)

5- Is the repentance insufficient for the forgiveness

6- Social Relations Between young

6- Who is Christ? (2)

6- The Christ Son of God

7- Spiritual Way

7- Who is Christ? (3)

7- The contradiction concerning the women chapter

8- Spiritual Quiet Time

8- Is the expression of Son of God befitting God?

8- The challenges of Sheikh Didat their answers




9- The Purpose of the Christ incarnation

9- They Crucified him not, they Killed him not with Certainty




10- The Christ crucifixion and the Godly plan

10- The Flam of Barnabas Bible




11- God’s justice and mercy and the concept of redemption

11- Abrogation




12- The Concept of Redemption in the Bible and Quran

12- Nihility of Falsification of the Holy Bible




13- The prerequisites of the Redeemer

13- Inquiries about the Quran




14- Answering challenges of the Christ crucifixion

14- The Song of the Songs




15- Was the Holy Bible falsified?

15- Is the Qouran the God's words.


16- Answering the verses claiming falsification of the Taurât


17- The quran verses attesting for the veracity of the Holy Bible


18- Testimony of the Islamic scholars for Nihility of the Holy Bible Falsification


19- Did the quran abrogate the Holy Bible?


20- The Abrogation in the Quran


21- The concept of abrogation


22- Examples of the Abrogation


23- The Abrogation- Number of verses


24- The abrogation – what was lost of the quran


25- The graveness of abrogation


26- The abrogation – references and scholars opinions


27- The Concept of Revelation in Christianity and Islam


28- The Proof of Revelation in Islam and Christianity


29- Assembly of the quran


30- The Codices of the Holy Bible and the Quran


31- Answering the challenge of Ezekiel 23


32- Answering the Challenge of Song of the Songs


33- Answering the challenge of Ahaziah’s age And the Christ Son of God


35- Christianity and The wars – Multiplicity of wives


36- Characters of the True Messenger


37- Muhammad with the great ethics and assassination of his opponents


38- The Wars of Muhammad


39- The wives of the messenger


40- The stature of woman in Islam and Christianity


41- Possibility of criticizing Islam, the quran and Muhammad And attacking father Zakaria himself


42- Multiplicity of quran versions and their discrepancies


43- The discrepancies in the quran text In different versions


44- Contradictions in the quran


45- The linguistic miraculousness And grammatical errors Of the quran


46- The foreign Non-Arabic words of the quran


47- The historical errors in the quran


48- Scientific Miraculousness And Errors in the Quran


49- Miraculousness of the quran The verses of the universe


50- Is the Quran God's words?


51- Is the Quran God's words


52- Among Sources of the Quran


53- Sources of Islam (Israeli sources)


54- Sources of Islam (Christian sources)


55- Sources of Islam The Pre-Islam poetry, Hanifian, Sabians Rites


56- Sources of Islam Persian and Zerdeshtian Sources


57- Sources of Islam Pagan sources


58- The sources of Islam  (The Pagan sources)


59- Sources of Islam The crescent moon


60- God and monotheism In the Arabic peninsula before Muhammad


61- Answering the Media and Press


62- Dr.Omara and multiplicity of qurans / the Holy trinity


63- Dr.Omara and the foreign words / the heresies


64- Incarnation of God – his revelation to Moses


65- Comparison between God in Islam and Christianity


66- The religious freedom and freedom of renouncement


67- The converses and their veracity


68- The fabricated and fake converses


69- The converses between Sunnah and Shia'h


70- The converses on terrorism


71- The prophetical medicine


72- The converses on woman


73- The converses on Adult Suckling


74- "At-Taquiah" (Hypocrisy), lying, Grave torment, the Rites


75- Converses on the Paradise, Hour Al-Ein (paradise women), Immortal boys


76- Abrogation of the converses


77- Human Resemblances of God


78- Articles of Dr: Khalid Montaser & Mr. Basiouny


79- The Article of Dr: Kamel Saedoun


80- The Israeli converses


81- The ten petitions


82- Sheikh Al-Sharawy and his exegesis


83- Sheikh Didat and the Holy Bible


84- (1) AIDS (2) The prophecy on the propagation of Islam


85- The mountain of Paran and the conquest of Makkah


86-The dogge rel diction of the Holy Bible


87- Abraham's marriage And the multiplicity of wives


88- The irrational superstitious in the Holy Bible The speaking Jenny


89- The calumny of eating stool


90- The Wine in the Holy Bible