(10) Radio KKLA

Radio KKLA



1)   Tell us about your ministry?

My ministry is preaching the gospel to Muslims through:

1- The satellite TV channels in Arabic language, in the Arab world (Life TV) and Europe. (ABN and Karma TV) in USA, Canada and Mexico.

2- Internet websites and

3- Paltalk chatting room in the internet which enables 1000 computers to share around every computer there are 2 or 3 persons, the total attendants between 2 to 3 thousand persons who could listen, speak and write on the screen.



2)   What is your strategy for reaching Muslims for Christ?

My strategy is having a proper attitude towards Muslims in motives, intention and style, so:

1- My motives are nothing else but LOVE.

I am not against Muslims, although I am against Islam as a false religion.

I do not want to disgrace Muslims, but to expose Islam.

2- My ultimate Intention is to glorify God and to save people, especially Muslims.

n     Muslims are victims.

n     Mohamed deceived them as he himself was deceived by Satan.

n     Muslims still believe that Mohamed is the best prophet, Quran is the only proper book from Allah and Islam is the only religion from God.

n     Muslims are in bad need to be saved from these false beliefs.


3- My style is: love, respect and wisdom.

By wisdom I mean three major things:

First: Revealing Muslim’s misunderstandings of Christianity. For example: the Holy Trinity, Incarnation, crucifixion, authenticity of the Bible .. etc

Second: Activating his mind.

n     There is no way to speak to a fainting person before awakening him.

n     The same with Muslim, to awaken him I use:

n     The Short, Sharp, Shock method.

n     By introducing some major questions about Islam to think about and deduce the reality of Islam.

n     Such as:

1- Is “Quran” a true book of God?

2- Is the “Hadeth” a proper saying of a true prophet?

3- Is “Mohammad” a true prophet of God?

4- Is “Gebril” a true angel of God?

5- Is “Allah” of Islam a true God?

     And what are the evidences for these issues.

Third: After you plough the heart you could sow the seeds of God’s kingdom.



3)   What are we as Americans, or the West doing wrong in our approach to reaching Muslims with the gospel?

1- Samuel Zewamer the famous missionary reported many things. One of them was preaching the western culture.

2- I add: Preaching the gospel to Muslims as if they are ignorant Christian, ignoring their Islamic believes which are against Christianity.



4)   What do you believe would happen if the  U.S. pulled out of  Iraq ?

1- Although I am not expert in politics

2- But it simply means that terrorism prevailed.